How to Trace a Phone Number

Have you ever wondered how to trace a phone number? Is it even possible? The answer is YES. Read on to learn more about it:

trace unknown callers on your iPhone

What Is Call Tracing?

Call tracing is a technique that is used in determining the origin of a certain call. Upon request from the police, the phone carrier will give the information they have about a phone number.

You can also trace a call though. Typically there is a fee associated with call tracing for personal reasons. While on the other hand, for police the charges are eliminated because they are needed in a criminal investigation and they will have a warrant.

There are two kinds of call tracing that is available for mobile users, one of the methods is that call logs can requested from your phone carrier. This kind of phone tracing includes the numbers or all calls and text messages, and calls from blocked numbers. Subscribers with security concerns about cell phone harassment, threats, or recurring obnoxious calls may use permanent tracing for record keeping. The best way to trace unknown callers on your iPhone is by downloading an app from the App Store.

Using Call Tracing

People who receive threats and harassing phone calls can talk with their carrier to receive their call logs, this information can then be brought to local police to file a report.

It’s best to block the harassing or obnoxious calls and then turn the call records to over law enforcement for more help.

In scenarios where debt collectors are violating the law by harassing you or making threats, call tracing can be used and then a formal complaint can be filed with the Federal Trade Commission.

Call tracing can be used to get restraining orders and injunctions to prevent the people from harassing you. There are numerous methods of tracing a call, depending on the situation.